Saturday, October 1, 2011

Release Management

This is a short article that needs to be read:

What, then, are the must-haves in a technology-based, modern release management system?
  • Visibility: We need to know real-time, what the status of the releases are. We need a release calendar that lets us see when things are happening so we can balance the release workload. 
  • Control: Every stakeholder must be able to give their electronic signature to approve, and it needs to be reportable and auditable. 
  • Reporting: We need to track our performance against our KPI’s and SLA’s, and we need early warning when we are out of range on these numbers. 
  • Vault: This should contain the master code that is destined for production: no more developers each having their own path to production, no more developers with root access. 
  • Deployment automation: We need a repeatable and predictable technology that consistently deploys our code and backs it out automatically if things go wrong.

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