Sunday, October 2, 2011

Agile: Where does QA fits in

QA, along with architecture, is getting back into the equation for agile development. Good Ol' pendulum is swinging back to balance. So, to this simple question of the role of QA, or testing for that matter, we get this fairly simple answer from All About Agile:

So, our answer is that good professional testers must be in the Scrum team.  Ideally that means 100% allocated to one team.  At a minimum, 50% allocated to one Scrum team.

Where does QA fit in?  Well, usually the testers are aka QA people.  Sometimes QA means truly "quality assurance" per se, in which case the QA people look at the Scrum team (and the process elsewhere as well) to see if sufficient quality is being baked in in the best possible way.

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