Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Salesforce Winter 2010

I attended a good webinard/sales pitch from Salesforce yesterday. They did not get in much technical details but they did show us very impressive new features coming soon. The following list is in no way exhaustive (for this, go here) but are rather the elements that caught my attention:
  • It will now be possible to use batch code for long processes. Obviously, the execution will be asynchronous and will also be possible to manage under a new feature: the scheduler;
  • The have enhanced the custom settings;
  • They have worked on the data import;
  • I beleive using Google doc, they now have content management API;
  • Support for OAuth v. 1.0.a;
  • email is greatly improved;
  • sandbox to production management will be easier;
  • integration to Google Analytics in Visualforce;
  • https will be available for site;
  • a pilot for a new type of user called "High volume portal user" will take place;
  • analytics presentation will greatly be improved with:
    • chart mixers;
    • color picker;
    • hover;
  • IPhone and Blackberry are now well supported;
  • Community-answer pilot will take place, leveraging Twitter and other web 2.0 API;

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