Friday, September 11, 2009

Mobile in Africa

I'm currently involved in a grass root  project that aim at fostering education and sport in developing countries. Great project, well founded and very well led by people for which I have to utmost respect. Anyway, while beginning to work on the architecture of the project, I've found that my intuition regarding the internet, mobile and world development were shared by others.
From the very beginning of the WWW, the access to the information has been an ethical issue. I was involved in the techno-ethic center at the University and we were trying to reflect on those issues. There is so much information on the internet that having access to it has become an actual discriminating factor.
Obviously, if the authorities have only enough money to build a water well, they are not about to "waste" that on cables. Cell towers are much more cost effective and that is why mobile is such an important asset for those countries.
Google has already started fostering the internet access through mobile with its sms services. But what has cough my attention is MIT's effort with its Nextlab project. If you are at all interested with information ethics and concrete project to make the information available, please check them out. They are looking for partners.

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